Signal Isolators and Termination Modules

Signal Isolators and Termination Modules

Signal Isolators are used for isolating sensitive equipment like PLC, DCS, Data Loggers / Scanners from harmful transients, ground-loop currents riding on signals coming from field.

Similarly, they block high voltages and high currents going to field when fault occurs in control room equipment. This is particularly important for applications in hazardous area, where current and voltage levels of equipment in the field must be limited.

Some of the Important Specifications of Microverse Signal Isolators

  • Isolation level of 1000 V. A.C. + D.C. peak
  • Microprocessor based linearization & CJC for RTD & T/C
  • User settable measuring ranges
  • Optional models for 3 port or cost-effective 2 port isolation
  • Compact (22.5 mm width) DIN Rail mounting
  • Diagnostic indications for open loop, healthiness of microcontroller

Microverse has also developed termination modules that offer safety, ease of maintenance and most importantly protects the PLC and DCS from any interference in the field signals. These termination modules offer EMI EMC protection as per IEC 61000-4-4, transient protection.

The termination modules can be used to terminate field signals and act as a interface protection for the PLC and DCS.