Metallurgy & Refining

Metallurgy & Refining

For the past 30 years Microverse has worked extensively in the metallurgy space.

Beginning from automation of ferro alloy furnaces, Microverse has deep expertise in automation of all the areas in this vertical and has worked with some of the largest ferro alloy companies in India and abroad. Pre-defined building blocks for raw material charging, furnace charging, electrode control, GCP ensure rapid development of control schemes.

Most importantly, Microverse has developed proprietary electrode ‘current control’ algorithms. Traditionally resistance control algorithms are predominantly used in this industry. However, Microverse’s current control ensures tremendous energy savings. Tap positions too are suggested to the operators to reduce any manual dependency.
Microverse has also worked in various other segments including automation of copper refineries, zinc refineries.

Cell Voltage Monitoring Systems –
Microverse along with ArkIO Tech LLP, has developed advanced monitoring solutions for cell voltage and temperature monitoring during electrolysis reactions.

These solutions offer detailed and realtime insights of the cell activity. The voltage and temperature dashboard helps to detect and predict shorts, passivation, open circuits in the cell plates and bus bars. This offers massive savings and helps to improve productivity and product quality.