Water & Effluent Treatment

Water & Effluent Treatment

Microverse’s automation solutions in water treatment and effluent treatment play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and overall effectiveness. Moreover, along with automation they ensure compliance to various regulations through remote monitoring and dashboards.

Process Control: Microverse has standardized function blocks and algorithms for process control in water, effluent and, sewage treatment plants. These predefined algorithms enable rapid deployment of automation solutions while ensuring all necessary safety and efficiency interlocks are implemented

Centralized Control: Microverse DCS and PLC solutions ensure centralized control of and integration of various plant areas, package OEM PLCs and smaller controllers, main plant DCS, and the cloud servers. This ensures a seamless interface and visibility for the users.

Data Analysis: Through in-built analytics, our automation solutions can collect and analyze historical data to optimize processes, predict maintenance needs, and improve overall efficiency. Predictive maintenance alerts ensure help to reduce downtime by alerting operators of potential issues.

Remote Operation: Microverse has worked successfully on use cases where water treatments plants are not just being remotely monitored but also being safely operated. This is done through extensive cloud integration using the latest cyber security methods. The successful implementation has enabled our clients to operate their plants remotely completely eliminating the need of any local operation personnel.

Regulatory Compliance: Microverse helps to ensure compliance with regulatory standards by providing a comprehensive overview of the treatment process, along with automated reporting capabilities.

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