Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Automation of Oil & Gas requires not just expertise in instrumentation and process automation but also a deep understanding of ‘safe’ automation practices.

Microverse automation’s design process for oil & gas projects typically starts with a HAZOP. Process safety can be implemented through a combination of interlocks, alarm management systems, user-role management, event logs, operator tracking, etc.

Integration of third party systems, sensors, gas smoke, and fire detection sensors, safety systems can be done seamlessly with the Microverse system.

Dispensing solution and terminal automation solutions are an integrated module within the system that also can be integrated with an ERP. This offers complete visibility from sensor to ERP.

Additionally, Microverse cloud platform, SASS, integrates automation with maintenance. Planned and predictive maintenance alerts can be generated to mitigate down time.

Permit system, that is a critical yet cumbersome part of maintenance, can be digitized through the SASS cloud permit app. Each permit goes through two stages of issue and approval and necessary safeties are included as a part of the permit issue process through the mobile app.

Shift handover can be controlled, monitored, and documented through the SASS mobile app/tablet app to ensure visibility and correctness of operation.

Case Study – Automation for a multi-billion dollar Oil & Gas company