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From Coal Handling to Power Generation






Coal Handling
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Industry | Power Plant

From Coal Handling to Power Generation

Coal Handling – The main objective of the coal feeder plant was to efficiently control reliable and consistent supply of the coal to the boiler while ensuring safety and environmental protection of the plant and the environment.

Boiler Drum Level Control – Drum level control is a critical process in a coal-fired power plant that helps to maintain a consistent water level in the steam drum of the boiler. The drum level is monitored continuously and used as a measure of the amount of steam being generated. Proper control of the drum level helps to prevent the overheating and possible failure of the boiler. Maintaining proper drum level control is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of a coal-fired power plant. It helps to ensure that the boiler is not over-pressurized, which can cause damage and reduce the plant’s efficiency. Proper drum level control also helps to prevent the loss of energy and reduce the amount of pollutants released into the environment.

Advanced 3 Element Drum Control level control algorithms developed by Microverse ensure:

  • Improved accuracy: Automated control systems can provide more accurate control of the drum level, which helps to prevent over-pressurization and other problems that can cause damage to the oiler.
  • Increased efficiency: Automated control systems can optimize the operation of the boiler, improving efficiency and reducing energy loss.
  • Enhanced safety: Automated control systems can provide early warning of potential problems and can shut down the plant in an emergency, reducing the risk of damage and injury.
  • Improved reliability: Automated control systems can reduce downtime and improve the reliability of the plant, ensuring a steady supply of electricity to consumers.

Along with control, intelligent turbine parameter monitoring, power generation performance dashboards, efficiency monitoring, customized automated reports ensure an in-depth and online view of the entire plant operation.

Cloud based reporting: The cloud based reporting solutions ensured the view of the entire plant ready and at fingertips. The view is customized based on the access level and information required for the person logging in. For example, for the management level stakeholders summarized reports of monthly plant output are generated while for the shift incharge detailed plant level alarms, events, maintenance logs are generated.