Online Analytical Systems

Ensuring System Safety and Timely Analysis

Today online analyser is an integral part of process monitoring and unavoidable tool to take quick/timely actions as required. According to the need of the system and client’s need, we integrate such analysers into the system.

For continuous monitoring of any process taking place, online analysers are a basic requirement. These systems help in determination of Chemical and Physical Properties of substances in any industrial process.

Composition of hydrocarbon streams being processed can be monitored by on-line gas chromatography, while elemental monitoring can be handled efficiently at line by, for e.g. Sulphur, Nitrogen, mercury, analysers.

State of the art smart interface for efficient sampling does provide representative sample to analysers at set frequency.

We are a team of qualified and experienced Analytical people who can develop an efficient online analytical solution for your need.

With such systems we can get exceptional accuracy and superior precision for any and all kinds of applications.

You can get systems specific to your applications. This depends on the chemicals being used in your process.

Different kind of systems available to support different flow ranges and pressures.

Utmost control over the samples to be analyzed can also be achieved.

One such system is Gas chromatography which helps to ensure safety, quality, purity, composition and consistency of the products. It involves separation and detection of a sample mixture to determine its presence or absence and/or quantities. These components are usually organic compounds or gases.